Pomegranate baklava

Le conseil
de Monsieur T.

Looking for an easy baklava recipe? It doesn't exist. Just buy some.


Pomegranate baklava

We can say that baklava are the epitome of beauty and taste. These crunchy and delicious little pastries have a long history and can be found all over the world. This tea is inspired by the different varieties that exists. We've created our own infusable version.

Classic notes of almonds and pistachios coated by a taste of honey and enhanced by the fruity taste of pomegranate, make this rooibos decadent.

Ideal for your Easter brunch.

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Contains: Rooibos, dates pieces (dates, rice flour), sweet mulberry leaves, flavors, dried figs, dried pomegranates, dried manuka honey (honey, maltodextrin), almonds, rose petals, garden marigold flowers.
For a cup: 2 Monsieur T.'s spoon / 95°C / 7 min
Caffeine: No
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