Perfectly orange rooibos kombucha bottle 355ml

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de Monsieur T.

As healthy as organic alfalfa, but much more exciting.


Perfectly orange rooibos kombucha bottle 355ml

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First of all, kombucha is a tangy drink of Mongolian origin obtained through a culture of yeast. Are you still there?

Rest assured, this succulent drink has already won over tons of followers around the world. We love its naturally sparkling and refreshing side, as well as its multiple health benefits.

Back in the 60s, growing your own kombucha was the cool thing to do. At Monsieur T., we decided to bring back this tradition, which is to say to make it with our own teas and without the "head bands / free love / LSD part" and all that.

Good idea, isn't it?


As its name suggests, this rooibos is perfect. Why? It combines orange zest, vanilla, yogurt and red tea to make us fall back into childhood. Nothing less. You'll have the impression of chewing a generous portion of soft ice cream with an orange swirl topping. 
The orange aroma and creamy taste will transport you back to the dairy counter of your childhood, caffeine free.

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