15 An evening with Monsieur T. sachets

Le conseil
de Monsieur T.

Containing very little caffeine, this tea is perfect for relaxing. It fits very well with a good TV series and a soft couch.


15 An evening with Monsieur T. sachets

The evening looks good! This delicious nectar is actually a happy blend of handpicked teas: oolong from Taiwan, black tea from Malawi and Sri Lanka, and second harvest Indian tea from the highlands. In short, all you need to get a sophisticated end of the day.

Set of 15 sachets ($ 0.87 / ch)
• Triangular shape for better preservation;
• Biodegradable;
• no bleaching agents;
• Contains more tea than the industry standard, for increased taste.

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Contains: Black tea from Malawi, black tea from Nuwara Eliya region in Sri Lanka, Oolong from Taiwan.
For a cup: 1 sachet / 95 °C / 5-6 min
Caffeine: Yes (low)
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