Iced T. - Relaxing infusion 12x355ml

Le conseil
de Monsieur T.

A relaxing drink with stress free ingredients, it makes sense, right?


Iced T. - Relaxing infusion 12x355ml

This relaxing drink is made with our popular herbal tea: Sleeping Beauty. We’ve added holy basil and passionflower, two fermented ingredients with medieval sounding names, of course, but which have a recognized relaxing effect and above all, are natural. Everything is topped with blueberry juice which goes well with mint. With those safe and reassuring ingredients, you can relax and sleep tight.

* 12 packs available for delivery ! *

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Ingredients: Water, Sleeping Beauty, fermented passion flower, fermented basil, fermented stevia, blueberry concentrate, blueberry and spearmint flavor.
Format: 12 x 355ml sleek can
Nutrition facts: 19 calories per can
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