Merry jolly mood '21

Le conseil
de Monsieur T.

If you recycle the empty box to wrap another gift, you’re at risk of causing a great disappointment.

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Merry jolly mood '21

** New design for 2021! **

Offer our holiday flavors, wrapped in a pretty box.

With a gift like that, you can’t be wrong. Let's face it, it's more risky to offer clothes, perfume, jewels and especially, thematic Christmas sweaters, you know the ones with a reindeer face (avoid at all costs). Fortunately, this assortment of festive infusions is a pleasure for everyone. You will get a 10/10 for the flavors, effort and originality.

The set contains:

- Spicy tangerine (34g)

- Snowy mint (26g)

- Christmas candy floss (46g)

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