Lovers mood

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de Monsieur T.

For those who already have a date, offer this boxset. Because chocolate is sooooo 2020.

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Lovers mood

Why settle for one Valentine when you can have four? (and personally recommended by Monsieur T.) Even Tinder could not find you a sexier match. *

This box set contains Coconut macaroon, Cinnamon heart, Purplely violette and Passionate pear, Your valentine's Day looks promising. In any case, if it turns out not so great, it will not be Monsieur T.’s fault !

Whether you plan to stay home with your cat, having dinner with "just a friend", your lovely spouse or your beloved husband, this box set will bring charm to the evening.

* Dear 45+, Tinder is an app to find " the love", anyhow, something along that line, it's unclear to us either.

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