Summery mood

Le conseil
de Monsieur T.

What? Drink tea in the summer? Yes! And believe us, iced tea is better than “Orange Crush”.


Summery mood

For months, we have been waiting for it: summer!

It's the return of the tree leaves, good weather and very light TV shows with Francis Reddy and Guy Jodoin. Hurray.

Clasp the opportunity to play outside. Tasty hot or icy, the blends of our summer collection have everything to go along with your sunny picnics, to lay on the beach and for your evenings by the fire!

In this box, you’ll find Religious Mango (26g), Summer Solstice (24g), Lemon Mint (24g) and Miraculous Peach (28g). Okay, these are not the most "manly" names, but gentlemen, you can trust Monsieur T.

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