Flower melon

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de Monsieur T.

Goes well with waterslides, but could be dangerous.


Flower melon

This elderflower infusion is completed by honeydew and watermelon, giving it a super “mega-tropical-extra-floral-double-melon” side.

Deliciously frozen, it will make you want an exotic fruit salad and listen to Fouki with your toes in the air. There's nothing we can do about it.

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Contains: Apple pieces, pineapple cubes (pineapple and sugar), honeydew melon (melon, sugar, fructose-syrup), sour apple pieces (acidifier: citric acid), flavor, watermelon flakes, hibiscus flowers, beetroot, sweet blackberry leaves, yellow catsfoot, elderflower.
Hot cup: 2 Monsieur T.'s spoon / 95 °C / 8 min
Iced cup: 4 Monsieur T.'s spoon / 95 °C / 8 min
Caffeine: No
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