COVID-19 situation

* Update May 13, 2020 *

Monsieur. T. wants to thank you. The past two months have been overwhelmed with emotions, but you, our loyal customers, have been present since the start of this crisis. We have received a lot of positive comments and solidarity statements.

On March 13, we announced that delivery would be free for orders over $ 30. The goal was to help you stock up on teas and herbal teas during containment. It was also a way for us to move our inventory and stay afloat, knowing full well that we would have to close our stores sooner or later. Wich happened on March 18.

You are aware that this is not a profitable action for us since we still have to pay the delivery costs on a smaller amount. Please understand that we are in no way disappointed we only want to be transparent with you.

Now, since the decontainment has started, and in order to continue to make our products more accessible to all, we are now establishing free delivery at $ 40 instead of the regular $ 50 it was before this crisis.

We thank you for your support and all your orders during the last two months. We hear a lot about “buying local” since the start of this crisis, be aware that it makes a huge difference. Monsieur T. would be nothing without you!

Have a good tea,


Monsieur T.
Jacob and J-F
Locally infused in Quebec City 




Monsieur T. takes time to communicate with you. The course of the last few days regarding Covid-19 as brought up many unanswered questions. We appreciate that you take a few minutes to read the following.


Physical stores

First, with regard to our physical stores, we ask employees to be extra vigilant when it comes to washing hands and work surfaces. We use sanitation products and procedures in accordance with MAPAQ. Tea tasters are now suspended. Until further notice, we will no longer fill customers' bags, reusable cups and metal boxes.

* march 18, 2020 - We have temporarily closed our store at Galeries de la Capitale. *

* march 21, 2020 - We have temporarily closed our store at Place de la Cité. *


Our products

Regarding our teas from China and other regions. They are not considered "at risk products". Here are some explanations :

-The teas we have on hand for sale, comes from the 2019 harvest. At the latest, they were prepared in June 2019.
-Green, black and oolong teas are heat dried at a 95 degrees Celsius temperature for 15 minutes.
-White teas are first sun dried, then also heat dried a 95 degrees Celsius temperature for 5 minutes.
-It takes around 60 days between the drying time and when our different suppliers receive the teas, .
-According to various information, the Covid-19 can survive only 9 days under ideal conditions.
-The Covid-19 has not been shown to survive high temperature and / or remain attached to a dried product.
-Finally, the tea is infused in hot water, which destroys the majority of bacteria.


Web orders

To show you his appreciation that you have taken the time to read so far, Monsieur T. has reduced the minimum amount for a free delivery. (Until things get back to normal.) Instead of $ 50, we offer free shipping at $ 30 or more for an order in Canada.

In closing, Monsieur T. advises you to take the opportunity to slow down a bit, do not stop everything, take out that old Monopoly game, clean the cellar, read books, play outside with your family, and enjoy a good warm and comforting drink.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

Take care of yourself.