Le conseil
de Monsieur T.

For a successful fondant duo, dip the end of a chocolate hen in your cup just before eating it. It won't feel anything, I promise.

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Do you know tiramisu? This world famous Italian dessert made of cocoa, biscuits, coffee and mascarpone?

The big day is here. Here’s a liquid version of it with a mixture of fresh rooibos. Okay. Monsieur T. also added a few caramel pieces.

Rooibos, chocolate, yogurt, coffee beans and Roman chamomile come together to give you a well balanced candy mix taste. Have you ever even heard of a well balanced candy? This is tea magic.

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Contains: Rooibos, chocolate (sugar, cocoa, cocoa butter, soy lecithin), sugar crystals, hazelnut, caramel (sweetened condensed milk, sugar, glucose syrup, butter, sorbitol, mono and diglyceride of edible fatty acid), flavors , yogurt (skim milk, sugar, maltodextri
For a cup: 2 Monsieur T.'s spoon / 95°C / 7 min
Caffeine: No
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