• Vernal mood

    Tea is the flowery side of life.
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  • Festive mood

    You dream of exotic fruits, bright colors and originality, either at a beach party or laying by the fireplace?
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    Delivery is free on order over 30$, or pick it up at our warehouse.
  • Zen.mood

    Wearing your jammies? Phone on silent mode and computer off? You’re ready to relax.
  • Refined mood

    It's time to have some poise. Raise your pinky, make a content face and sip while making ssssliiirp.
  • Sweet mood

    Having a sudden craving for a treat? Chocolate, caramel or cookies? Meringue, cake or pastries?
  • Energetic mood

    Do you need a dose of energy? Want things moving? Quickly?
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    A different deal every week!

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