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Organic Yume Matcha (50g)

An energizing organic tea! You won’t find anything greener than that!

C$1,500.00 C$30.00
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Recharge Pro™ Tumbler

Once the infuser is off, you can also use it for hot chocolate, Pepsior even Jack Daniel's. Because, that’s how crazy we are.

C$2,997.50 C$59.95
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Organic Huiming

Huiming has always had a solid reputation. It is therefore perfect to make a good first impression. The rest is up to you.

C$10.50 C$0.21
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Organic Bai Hao Jingmai

As this tea has been carefully selected, we recommend you drink it as is, without adding milk or sugar. But rest assured, we won't judge if you do.

C$14.00 C$0.28
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Organic Golden Monkey

If you have a cold, don't waste time trying to pick out all the subtle aromas. Instead, focus on the chicken noodle soup.

C$9.00 C$0.18
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