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Do you need a dose of energy? Want things moving? Quickly?


Here are some teas to wake you up.

Under the mango tree

A delicious tea to get in a spring mode. If necessary, it will also effectively melt snow in your yard.

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Cream earl grey (15 sachets)

Sometimes we're ready for some change, but without being quite ready to let go of our classics. Here's a great way to get out of your comfort zone without compromise.

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Although Cascara is naturally sweet, you can add honey. Some people even add ginger, nutmeg and cinnamon to get the perfect winter beverage.

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Awakened T.

If you are passionate about Gaelic poetry, you could opt for a caffeine-free beverage instead.

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American chaï

Sugar craving? Add some, and a bit of milk to this beverage for a pleasant cinnamon cloud.

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Flu buster

Better safe than sorry. Before "grumbling like a monster", trust the powers of ginger and do not underestimate the hours of sleep.

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Honey bear

You need energy and want to avoid the chocolate option? Honey bear is always there to give you a boost on a nice honeyed tone.

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Mate chaï

Add milk and sugar to a spicy latte. You are now ready to start an overworked day with a smile.

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Lavender earl grey

This Earl Gray suits those wishing to practice their Provencal accent. It’s particularly good with a Marcel Pagnol movie, followed by a petanque match.

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Earl Grey

Enjoy an afternoon Earl Gray with your beautiful British accent and small cucumber sandwiches.

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English Breakfast bio

A tea to wake you up the “English aristocratic way”: meaning that it's time to eat crumpets for lunch and wear your nicest hat.

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Spicy chaï

For an optimal experience, add sugar and milk. Waggle your hips on furious Indian music. And, it’s on.

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