Mood Zen - Multiple properties blend

Monsieur T. - tea importer since 1867

Labrador tea

There is not much to do in Labrador. Instead, pick your tea in one of our shops.

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Sleeping beauty

The secret of impeccable skin ? Sleep ! Drink Sleeping Beauty before bedtime to keep your princess looking face, but without the attitude.

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Organic cold helper

Nowadays, we have too little opportunity to use the question "Did your tea took away that trapping tubby cough?" in a conversation.

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Ginger healer

Super powers? I agree, but do not try to fly. It's just an herbal tea after all.

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Roots to the rescue

Great after a hockey-chips-cola or beer-wine-cocktail party.

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Organic Hangover

Ideal after a family dinner or party, either from punch or your anty’s rum mix to the extra late-night sausages poutine.

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Flowery lavender

Never believe the stories of someone who has just been drinking Flowery lavender. It seems to have a strange effect.

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