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Want to treat yourself, feel out of place and experience the authentic taste of the eastern culture?


Here are deliciously authentic teas.

Organic Darjeeling Pussimbing S.F.

To instill confidence in a suspicious audience, insert into a conversation that you drink organic tea, second harvest, Pussimbing. You’re now immediately credible.

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Organic Huiming

Huiming has always had a solid reputation. It is therefore perfect to make a good first impression. The rest is up to you.

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Organic Bai Hao Jingmai

As this tea has been carefully selected, we recommend you drink it as is, without adding milk or sugar. But rest assured, we won't judge if you do.

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Organic Golden Monkey

If you have a cold, don't waste time trying to pick out all the subtle aromas. Instead, focus on the chicken noodle soup.

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Nan Mei

American Pie, Dumb and Dumber, The Hangover ; all these movies become deep, complex and refined when accompanied by this tea.

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Organic Sencha Gyokuro Okabe

The leaves can be infused two to three times in a row, each time extending the infusion time. Yeah, that’s right, sometimes I give real advice.

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Since it does not contain a lot of caffeine, it’s a perfect tea for an evening beverage. After that, you can do whatever you want!

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Enjoy it in the afternoon while listening to Madame Butterfly.

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Long lived the white eagle

This tea is a post training delight. You’ll be able to double congratulate yourself on adopting a healthy behavior, which allows, finally, to have a good excuse to eat chocolate.

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Lapsang Souchong

Excellent at mealtime, Lapsang Souchong can also be used in cooking. Mix it with the cooking juices of a grilled chicken or roasted veal, you’ll thank me later.

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Decaf English Breakfast

Savor it with a dose of sharp English humor, such as Monty Python or Little Britain.

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Jasmine the organic dragon

Jasmine the dragon has the power to turn the most unpleasant person into a fine diplomat *. The purest refinement you can find, that will let no one blanked, believe me. * According to some fuzzy studies.

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