Tea White

Monk's Flowers

Even better with a sound massage with Tibetan bowls,that releases tension through the sound that flows through the body. Although, it's a whole lot of planning for a cup of tea.

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Nan Mei

American Pie, Dumb and Dumber, The Hangover ; all these movies become deep, complex and refined when accompanied by this tea.

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Macabeo lemon jasmine

Full of subtlety, this tea is loved unilaterally. Even your aunt Anita will be conquered.

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Fruit bowl

Has one of your friends just learned a bad news? Comfort him/her with this tea “infused” with good humor. If it does not work, try whisky instead.

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Silvery needles

You work hard? You’re always courteous and friendly? No doubt, you deserve a royal treatment. Opt for an imperial tea like The Silvery Needle. You're worth it!

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