Box sets Seasons

Autumn mood

To enlighten your choice, I’ll leave this here: one “pumpkin spice latte” that you’ll find in some popular coffee places, have, on average, 200 calories and above…

C$1,375.00 C$27.50
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Merry jolly mood '22

If you recycle the empty box to wrap another gift, you’re at risk of causing a great disappointment.

C$1,425.00 C$28.50
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Summery mood

Complements any form of country picnic and crust-less sandwiches.

C$1,375.00 C$27.50 C$1,000.00 C$20.00
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Vernal mode

For a sunny day request, point your hand at the sky with a focused squint. You never know.

C$1,350.00 C$27.00 C$1,000.00 C$20.00
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