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Milky oolong

Perfect for an evening tea. As comforting as a warm glass of milk. But, I advise you, not to soak your Oreo in.

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Rose tea

To bring out the flowery notes, add a cloud of milk or cream. Keep calm. And carry on.

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Jasmine the organic dragon

Jasmine the dragon has the power to turn the most unpleasant person into a fine diplomat *. The purest refinement you can find, that will let no one blanked, believe me. * According to some fuzzy studies.

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Long lived the white eagle

This tea is a post training delight. You’ll be able to double congratulate yourself on adopting a healthy behavior, which allows, finally, to have a good excuse to eat chocolate.

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Organic Bai Hao Jingmai

As this tea has been carefully selected, we recommend you drink it as is, without adding milk or sugar. But rest assured, we won't judge if you do.

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Organic Yunnan pu-erh

The pu-erh is renowned for its digestive properties, fat and cholesterol lowering. In case you care about those sort of things.

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Organic Golden Monkey

If you have a cold, don't waste time trying to pick out all the subtle aromas. Instead, focus on the chicken noodle soup.

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Nan Mei

American Pie, Dumb and Dumber, The Hangover ; all these movies become deep, complex and refined when accompanied by this tea.

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Silvery needles

You work hard? You’re always courteous and friendly? No doubt, you deserve a royal treatment. Opt for an imperial tea like The Silvery Needle. You're worth it!

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