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Jasmine the organic dragon

Jasmine the dragon has the power to turn the most unpleasant person into a fine diplomat *. The purest refinement you can find, that will let no one blanked, believe me. * According to some fuzzy studies.

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Milky oolong

Perfect for an evening tea. As comforting as a warm glass of milk. But, I advise you, not to soak your Oreo in.

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Rose tea

To bring out the flowery notes, add a cloud of milk or cream. Keep calm. And carry on.

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Organic Yunnan pu-erh

The pu-erh is renowned for its digestive properties, fat and cholesterol lowering. In case you care about those sort of things.

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Long lived the white eagle

This tea is a post training delight. You’ll be able to double congratulate yourself on adopting a healthy behavior, which allows, finally, to have a good excuse to eat chocolate.

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Nan Mei

American Pie, Dumb and Dumber, The Hangover ; all these movies become deep, complex and refined when accompanied by this tea.

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Silvery needles

You work hard? You’re always courteous and friendly? No doubt, you deserve a royal treatment. Opt for an imperial tea like The Silvery Needle. You're worth it!

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