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Latte mood

Got milk? Otherwise you miss this box set objective.

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Matcha Kawa Bunga (50g)

Whisk firmly, but stay calm. No one wants green on their walls.

C$800.00 C$16.00
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Dark chocolate

Eat chocolate. Questions?

C$9.50 C$0.19
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Creamy caramel

Have you just gone through a rough day? Sit in a comfortable sofa with a cup of Creamy caramel. Say again, a rough what?

C$10.50 C$0.21
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Almond-coco cookie

It's cold outside ? Good. You have a reason to drink Almond-coco cookie tea.

C$10.00 C$0.20
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Spicy chaï

For an optimal experience, add sugar and milk. Waggle your hips on furious Indian music. And, it’s on.

C$9.00 C$0.18 C$6.50 C$0.13
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Cream earl grey

Sometimes we're ready for some change, but without being quite ready to let go of our classics. Here's a great way to get out of your comfort zone without compromise.

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