Tea Green

Awakened T.

If you are passionate about Gaelic poetry, you could opt for a caffeine-free brew instead.

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Jasmine the organic dragon

Jasmine the dragon has the power to turn the most unpleasant person into a fine diplomat *. The purest refinement you can find, that will let no one blanked, believe me. * According to some fuzzy studies.

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Matcha Chaï (50g)

If you repeat the word "Matcha Chai" over and over again, you will get a great latina song.

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Flu buster

Better safe than sorry. Before "grumbling like a monster", trust the powers of ginger and do not underestimate the hours of sleep.

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Fruit bowl

Has one of your friends just learned a bad news? Comfort him/her with this tea “infused” with good humor. If it does not work, try whisky instead.

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Enchanted forest

Your focus is drifting towards the fridge? A cup of Forêt enchantée will keep you focused on tha task at hand. Like finishing your book / homework / reports / house clean up.

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Organic Sencha Gyokuro Okabe

The leaves can be infused two to three times in a row, each time extending the infusion time. Yeah, that’s right, sometimes I give real advice.

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Green magic

Typically Green magic can be used to reconnect with nature, or protect yourself from the evil eye; but when it comes to tea, I prefer to rely on antioxidants.

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Sencha Fukujyu

Perfect for reciting haiku, gong in hand and lost in thoughts.

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Matcha Kawa Bunga (50g)

Once whipped, join your hands and lean forward. That's it, you are a homegrown Japanese.

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Macabeo lemon jasmine

Full of subtlety, this tea is loved unilaterally. Even your aunt Anita will be conquered.

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Limo-pomme (100g en solde)

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