About Monsieur T.

We are a Quebec city infused company.

It is often said that the apple never falls far from the tree. That’s the case with Monsieur T. which comes from a long line of coffee and tea importers. It was the younger brother of Brûlerie Rousseau, which was founded in 1867 in Quebec City, that was already importing teas and coffees from around the world. At the time, the company was named T! T! T!, which inspired the name "Monsieur T." We currently are independent and managed by two entrepreneurs.


Monsieur T. welcomes you

How do you feel today ? That's what Monsieur. T. wants to know. Here, you’ll find loose leaf teas and drinks to go for every mood.


A tea for every mood

A bit like a modern apothecary, Monsieur T. has a suggestion for every mood and occasion. Tea is a ritual that has been around for a long time. Without denying the origins, Monsieur T. leaves aside the "serious" side. Here, tradition adapts to the individual and not the other way around. Clients get advice based on their mood, health, needs and tastes. Monsieur T. takes care of his customers with a personalized and relaxed service.

Founded by tea enthusiasts, we are as welcoming to the novice as to the connoisseur. We do not have the intimidating side that experts can radiate, but we have the knowledge. No fuss, no cucumber sandwiches here. Only teas for each personality.


Mixology the Monsieur T. way

You can also enjoy tea based non-alcoholic cocktails at Monsieur T. mixology counter. We offer, among other things, original creations based on ginger, flowers, wasabi and spicy chocolate. For or a cocktail on the run, Monsieur T. has everything to quench your thirst.