Box of 15 envelopes - Chamomile zest

Le conseil
de Monsieur T.

Some people don't like the pure taste of chamomile. This lemon-enhanced herbal tea showcases a fruity side that will convince your most stubborn friends. If that doesn't work, we advise you to make new friends.


Box of 15 envelopes - Chamomile zest

This relaxing herbal tea is as beneficial after a long day at work as are chocolate profiteroles to a five-course dinner. Because, yes, you agreed to see the dessert menu after dinner, and people are weak.

Chamomile and citrus are on display with a subtle rosemary touch. But don’t panic, it is not like drinking a rack of Provence herbs. It is very well balanced. We added some lemongrass, citrus zest and even some berries for sweetness. That’s it, good night people.

Set of 15 sachets
• Triangular shape for better preservation;
• Biodegradable;
• No bleaching agents.

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Contains: Chamomile, rosemary leaves (whole), lemongrass, rosehip bark, lemon peel, ground thyme, orange peel, flavor, freeze dried strawberry pieces, freeze dried red currant.
1 sachet: 95°C / 10 min
Caffeine: No
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