Iced T. - Lemon black tea 12x355ml

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de Monsieur T.

Iced T. is a good source of chill.


Iced T. - Lemon black tea 12x355ml

Opposed to a typical powdered iced tea, Monsieur T. gives you what an iced T. should always be without overemphasizing on sugar.

Lemon and black tea are a classic duo! This iced T. is infused from a black tea blend organically grown in Assam and Sumatra. Powerful and aromatic, it offers a pleasant sweet bitterness coupled with a natural lemon taste. Simply refreshing !

* 12 packs available for delivery ! *

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Ingredients: Water, Organic English Breakfast (organic black tea from India and Sumatra), lemon juice, fermented stevia, cane sugar.
Format: 12 x 355ml sleek can
Nutrition facts: 36 calories per can
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