Beginner mood

Le conseil
de Monsieur T.

Let me tell you a secret. In addition to introducing you to the wonderful world of tea, this box set is a gift that is sure to please any occasion (Christmas, birthday or a sincere apology). I always keep 2-3 around just in case ...


Beginner mood

So, you wanna get started with tea? What a good idea!

Neophytes wishing to discover different teas without going on an expedition to the borders of China and Sri Lanka will be thrilled with this introductory box. Nothing intimidating, only happiness!

Festive, zen, refined, sweet, energetic: this box contains teas for every mood. From an energy boost to sugar cravings.

The set contains:

On top of that, it contains our cute little spoon that allows you to measure your leaf tea with the precision of an 18th century geisha. You can not stop progress !

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