Flowery raspberry

Le conseil
de Monsieur T.

Don't over-analyze. You'll know when you've found the right one. (I'm talking about tea of course).


Flowery raspberry

On Valentine's Day, flowers are always in order. But flowers in a tea really are more sustainable, right?

This raspberry green tea and pink cornflower petals, lightly sweetened with pineapple pieces and apple, is all about delicacy and subtlety. Just like the love of your life, it goes without saying.

A raspberries creamy aromas gives this tea a fruity and silky side that is not usually present in green teas. You will then be able to casually say to your date "this tea has rather unusual aromas for a green tea", thus demonstrating the extent of your charm and your general knowledge.

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Contains: Green tea (60%), pineapple cubes (pineapple, sugar), apples, flavours, raspberries, pink cornflower petals.
For a cup: 1 Monsieur T.'s spoon / 85°C / 3 min
Caffeine: Yes
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