Roots to the rescue Kombucha 355ml

Le conseil
de Monsieur T.

As healthy as organic alfalfa, but much more exciting.


Roots to the rescue Kombucha 355ml

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We love Monsieur T.’s kombucha for its naturally sparkling and refreshing side, as well as its multiple health benefits. Imagine a sweet and invigorating nectar from tasty natural benefactors. Aloe, ginger, tangerine, dragon fruit and lemongrass are a bit like a miracle recipe that you would find in an old esoteric book, except that we’re talking about a tea.

Our new recipe provides almost 50% fewer calories than the original, while maximizing the taste of tea. This improvement is possible thanks to the use of  fermented Stevia.

Symbiotic fermentation is a patented technology that utilizes the natural process of plant fermentation to create over 50 different fermented, plant-based extracts, such as stevia. This revolutionary process pre-digests botanicals and produces a large spectrum of nutrients including pre and probiotics.

Discover symbiotic food.

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Contains: Water, Roots to the rescue ( Aloe pieces, dragon fruit, ginger, white hibiscus, citronella, tangerine and orange granules, sunflower flowers, flavor) fermented green tea *, fermented black tea *, fermented stevia *, cane sugar *. *organic
For a cup: Keep refrigerated. 355 ML.
Caffeine: Yes (low)
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