Mango lassi

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de Monsieur T.

It's as if your cup of tea had decided to go on an exotic vacation and bring you with them. Get ready for an unforgettable taste adventure!


Mango lassi

Mango Lassi is a creamy and fresh Indian drink,. Imagine cooling yourself with a tea that evokes this beverage on a hot summer day. Yes, we had this brilliant idea of converting this classic Indian drink into a green tea blend. This mixture is a real flavor festival.

The elegant green tea leaves blends harmoniously with the sweet mango cubes, sparkling lemon peels, and gourmet mango flakes. But that's not all ! Yogurt granules add a creamy and tangy touch, like a cool brush on your palate. Finally, a sprinkle of rose petals complete this mixture with a delicate floral touch.

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Contains: Green tea, mango cubes (mango, sugar, citric acid), lemon peels, flavors, mango flakes, yogurt granules (skim milk, sugar, maltodextrin, modified starch, citric acid, rose petals).
For a cup: 2 Monsieur T.'s spoon / 80°C / 3 min
Caffeine: Yes
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