Organic vanilla matcha 50g

Le conseil
de Monsieur T.

Please. Do not add French Vanilla Concentrate to your matcha latte.


Organic vanilla matcha 50g

Unlike the famous French vanilla latte, this matcha has a subtle flavored taste. The authentic flavor of matcha is skillfully complemented by vanilla, which help reduce the bitterness and makes for an excellent latte.

The main element of the traditional Japanese tea ceremony, Matcha has a sense of serenity.  But without wanting to upset the Japanese tea masters.... we thought that a little vanilla would do no harm.

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Contains: Organic Japanese Matcha, natural flavor.
For a cup: Sift 1 Monsieur T.'s matcha spoon for 110 ml (4 oz) in a bowl / 75 °C then mix with bamboo whip
Caffeine: Yes
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