Organic Yume Matcha (50g)

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An energizing organic tea! You won’t find anything greener than that!


Organic Yume Matcha (50g)

The organic Yume Matcha is the all time best matcha at Monsieur T. The one that can be called "The ceremonial matcha", is cultivated at an altitude of 150m in the Kagoshima prefecture, on a small island in the south of Japan.

The whipping process is easier than other matchas and it gives off a milk chocolate scent that connoisseurs and less experienced amateurs will love. The taste features a slight vegetal bitterness and an exotic fruit finish, which is a common characteristic of the Yabukita cultivar.

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Contains: Gyokuro green tea from Kagoshima Prefecture in Japan.
For a cup: Sift 1 Monsieur T.'s matcha spoon for 110 ml (4 oz) in a bowl / 75 °C then mix with bamboo whip
Caffeine: Yes
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