Mood Energetic

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Do you need a dose of energy? Want things moving? Quickly?


Here are some teas to wake you up.


Better safe than sorry. Before visualizing your loved ones as an ice cream cone, a cup of Ô régime is highly recommended.

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Flu buster

Better safe than sorry. Before "grumbling like a monster", trust the powers of ginger and do not underestimate the hours of sleep.

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Orange blossom mate

This maté is a guaranteed energy boost. It's perfect to undertake large projects like a spring cleaning or an 8000 pieces puzzle.

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American chaï

Sugar craving? Add some, and a bit of milk to this brew for a pleasant cinnamon cloud.

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Mate chaï

Add milk and sugar to a spicy latte. You are now ready to start an overworked day with a smile.

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