Mood Energetic

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Do you need a dose of energy? Want things moving? Quickly?


Here are some teas to wake you up.

Honey bear

You need energy and want to avoid the chocolate option? Honey bear is always there to give you a boost on a nice honeyed tone.

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Green earl grey

Perfect for afternoon garden parties with friends. Or …. for your Jane Austen reading club.

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Orange blossom mate

This maté is a guaranteed energy boost. It's perfect to undertake large projects like a spring cleaning or an 8000 pieces puzzle.

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Although Cascara is naturally sweet, you can add honey. Some people even add ginger, nutmeg and cinnamon to get the perfect winter drink.

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Mate chaï

Add milk and sugar to a spicy latte. You are now ready to start an overworked day with a smile.

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