Bag of 15 sachets - Green magic

Le conseil
de Monsieur T.

Typically Green magic can be used to reconnect with nature, or protect yourself from the evil eye; but when it comes to tea, I prefer to rely on antioxidants.


Bag of 15 sachets - Green magic

Let yourself be flooded with antioxidants with Green magic, where goji berries, blueberries and pomegranate takes center stage. Now, imagine these delicious little fruits on a bed of green tea with a pinch of lemongrass and Centaurea cyanus. No, it's not a sinus medicine, but rather a romantic, beautifully scented little blue flower.

Set of 15 sachets

• Triangular shape for better preservation;
• Biodegradable;
• No bleaching agents;
• Resealable bag.

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