Cortica™ porcelain mug tea bag holder

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Cortica™ porcelain mug tea bag holder

Congratulation! Just the fact of having clicked on this link proves that you are a person of confident and refined tastes.

Monsieur T. couldn't miss the opportunity to offer you the VIVA Scandinavia products, renowned for their chic and very resistant accessories line.

At 12oz capacity, it's the perfect porcelain cup for tea bags serving (or any other beverage that makes you feel good). A cup specially designed so that you don't drop the little rope to the bottom of the cup.

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Made of: porcelain and cork
Capacity: 12 oz. / 355 ml.
Dimension: Width 8.3 cm x Height. 14 cm
Weight: 450 g
Care: hand wash
Availability: All shops
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