Recharge Pro™ Tumbler

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de Monsieur T.

Once the infuser is off, you can also use it for hot chocolate, Pepsior even Jack Daniel's. Because, that’s how crazy we are.


Recharge Pro™ Tumbler

Cute isn't it? 

Recharge by VIVA is the Swiss Army knife for Beverage. It’s a tumbler, teapot, tea infuser, iced tea maker, coffee press, thermos, and water bottle. This one does it all.

Thanks to a very complex scientific process, I'll spare you the details, the vacuum insulation of this cup keeps your favorite hot or cold drink for an extended period of time.

Unlike other tea infusers, Recharge has a large capacity. It makes over 16 ounces (460ml) of delicious drink, keeping you satisfied and hydrated all day. And when you remove the infuser basket, Recharge holds 18 ounces (520ml) of liquid - enough to get your Grande fix.

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Made of: Stainless steel cup, triton infuser, plastic leak-proof cap, silicone seal
Capacity: With Infuser 460 ml, 15.5oz - Without 520 ml, 18 oz
Dimension: Height 230mm, 9.1 inch, Width 75mm, 3 inch
Weight: 450 g
Care: Metal Cup Handwash - Smart brewer and lid dishwasher save - Not for use in the microwave
Availability: All shops.
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