Tea steeper 525ml

Le conseil
de Monsieur T.

A tea steeper is one of those little luxuries that makes life better. Sort of like a private jet or a yacht.


Tea steeper 525ml

A tea steeper is the ultimate accessory for the self-confident gourmet. It produces a rich and aromatic beverage, bitterness less. As a bonus, it also provides rock-solid protection against tea leaves floating in your cup (which we don't like).

Once the infusion is complete, the tea is transferred to a cup that you place just below. No drips, no mess and easy to clean. What are we waiting for?

Capacity of 525ml (2 cups)

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Material: Food safe Tritan™ plastic (BPA free)
Material: Stainless steel strainer
Care: Dishwasher safe (soap less hand washing recommended)
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