Merry jolly mood

If you recycle the empty box to wrap another gift, you’re at risk of causing a great disappointment.

C$1,350.00 C$27.00
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Insulated tumbler

Use our signature mug to savor your favorite infusion anywhere: bus, work, bath, barber ... really anywhere.

C$1,600.00 C$32.00
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Tasting mood

Tea doesn’t work miracles, but it can be a real balm for the soul. The tasting box set is recommended for those who seek delicious little moments that makes them feel good. Ah, and also, it's a lot cheaper than a massage.

C$2,750.00 C$55.00
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Matcha mood

An explosive trio! (Don't panic, it's just tea)

C$1,250.00 C$25.00
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Spicy chaï

For an optimal experience, add sugar and milk. Waggle your hips on furious Indian music. And, it’s on.

C$7.50 C$0.15
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Infuseur flottant

C$647.50 C$12.95
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Beginner mood

Let me tell you a secret. In addition to introducing you to the wonderful world of tea, this box set is a gift that is sure to please any occasion (Christmas, birthday or a sincere apology). I always keep 2-3 around just in case ...

C$2,000.00 C$40.00
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Breathe in, breathe out. Take a sip. Breathe in, breathe out.

C$8.00 C$0.16
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La vie en rose

In the good and bad moments of our life, tea plays a vital role. It's an instant contentment, a little ritual that warms our heart as soon as we hold it in our hands.

C$9.00 C$0.18
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Maya the bee 100 g

During winter time, put on your hat and mittens.

C$850.00 C$17.00 C$500.00 C$10.00
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Cream earl grey

Sometimes we're ready for some change, but without being quite ready to let go of our classics. Here's a great way to get out of your comfort zone without compromise.

C$7.50 C$0.15
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Christmas maple

We do not recommend decorating a Maple tree. Because a dead tree with no leaves, is a bit depressing in a living room.

C$9.00 C$0.18 C$6.50 C$0.13
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