Matcha mood

An explosive trio! (Don't panic, it's just tea)

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Iced tea mood

Iced tea is a good source of ice.

C$1,000.00 C$20.00
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15 days detox

This kit contains everything you need for a 15 days health cure.

C$2,000.00 C$40.00
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Sleeping beauty

The secret of impeccable skin ? Sleep ! Drink Sleeping Beauty before bedtime to keep your princess looking face, but without the attitude.

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Labrador tea

There is not much to do in Labrador. Instead, pick your tea in one of our shops.

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Magic pitcher

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Well-being mood

For optimal well-being, drink these teas while watching some baby cat videos.

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Breathe in, breathe out. Take a sip. Breathe in, breathe out.

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Tasting mood

Tea doesn’t work miracles, but it can be a real balm for the soul. The tasting box set is recommended for those who seek delicious little moments to make them feel good. Ah, and also, it's a lot cheaper than a massage.

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Perfectly orange rooibos

Do you find that people around you are getting a little too serious? Serve them this rooibos to make them jump into puddles.

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Magic pitcher "2"

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Organic strawberry parfait matcha (50g)

Please. Do not add NesQuick Strawberry chocolate to your latte.

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