Autumn mood

To enlighten your choice, I’ll leave this here: one “pumpkin spice latte” that you’ll find in some popular coffee places, have, on average, 200 calories and above…

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Autumn pear

Wool socks and pajamas are highly recommended. Even better with a gigantic piece of apple pie.

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Sleeping beauty

The secret of impeccable skin ? Sleep ! Drink Sleeping Beauty before bedtime to keep your princess looking face, but without the attitude.

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Tie Guan Yin and cinnamon

What do you call an oolong tea that takes forever to brew? A toolong.

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Insulated tumbler

Use our signature mug to savor your favorite infusion anywhere: bus, work, bath, barber ... really anywhere.

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Autumn raspberry

Flip flop season is over, but apple pie season is just beginning.

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Matcha Kawa Bunga (50g)

Once whipped, join your hands and lean forward. That's it, you are a homegrown Japanese.

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Breathe in, breathe out. Take a sip. Breathe in, breathe out.

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Matcha mood

An explosive trio! (Don't panic, it's just tea)

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Green orange

It will make a colorblind clueless.

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Matcha Chaï (50g)

If you repeat the word "Matcha Chai" over and over again, you will get a great latina song.

C$650.00 C$13.00
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Labrador tea

There is not much to do in Labrador. Instead, pick your tea in one of our shops.

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